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Have you opened up to your spiritual side and don't know where to begin? Are you ready to work through the things holding you back so you can start living your best life?  Do you want to manifest the life of your dreams? 

Hosted by Tiffany Cohen, owner of Spirit + Soul Studio, this podcast will answer your spiritual questions, help you connect to your higher self, guides, angels, and teach you how to use different modalities, metaphysical items in your daily practices, and so much more! If you're all about manifesting, healing, and spirituality and you're ready to embark on your soul's journey, let's go! Your life is about to get a soul based makeover! Hit subscribe so you don't miss an episode!

Aug 18, 2021

This week, we welcome special guest CheChe Aguigui. CheChe is a movement energy coach and hosts the “My Virgo Friend” podcast, discussing the different zodiac seasons. Today, CheChe talks about the different astrological signs and how they affect our personalities, energies, and relationships. She also discusses feminine energy and how women should never be afraid to show their power. Women are often told they need to exist in a certain way, whether they’re told directly or it’s implied by the patriarchal society we live in. We need to let ourselves be who we want to be and express ourselves however we please. Break through and stop holding your power back because other people don’t want it. Instead of being afraid of your power because of how others may view you, show them your power and be yourself.