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Have you opened up to your spiritual side and don't know where to begin? Are you ready to work through the things holding you back so you can start living your best life?  Do you want to manifest the life of your dreams? 

Hosted by Tiffany Cohen, owner of Spirit + Soul Studio, this podcast will answer your spiritual questions, help you connect to your higher self, guides, angels, and teach you how to use different modalities, metaphysical items in your daily practices, and so much more! If you're all about manifesting, healing, and spirituality and you're ready to embark on your soul's journey, let's go! Your life is about to get a soul based makeover! Hit subscribe so you don't miss an episode!

Oct 25, 2023

This episode, we’re diving into how our ancestral lineage affects us today. We carry memories from those within our lineage, and though we can’t fully remember it the way we pull our own memories, we can feel these memories. You and your family can feel the struggle and pain of your ancestors. When we heal, we heal not just for ourselves, but for our family before and after us. We need to change and heal from the things our ancestors have been holding, and we can help ourselves and our family begin to relax and move on. We can learn so much about ourselves and others if we’re willing to consider everyone’s ancestral healing journey!

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