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Have you opened up to your spiritual side and don't know where to begin? Are you ready to work through the things holding you back so you can start living your best life?  Do you want to manifest the life of your dreams? 

Hosted by Tiffany Cohen, owner of Spirit + Soul Studio, this podcast will answer your spiritual questions, help you connect to your higher self, guides, angels, and teach you how to use different modalities, metaphysical items in your daily practices, and so much more! If you're all about manifesting, healing, and spirituality and you're ready to embark on your soul's journey, let's go! Your life is about to get a soul based makeover! Hit subscribe so you don't miss an episode!

Oct 11, 2020

Your Monthly Message from the Universe for October.  Tiffany and Melissa pulled the “I Remember” card from Rebecca Campbell’s Starseed Oracle.  They begin to explore what it means to remember…your soul’s remembering...and how we can learn to listen to and trust our intuitive gifts to lead us down the right road.  

You have a higher self and your highest path. You have everything it takes to achieve your biggest dreams, but you also have the opportunity to make your own decisions (free will).  When you come to forks in the road of your life, lean into the road that gives you fear and excitement.  Step out of your comfort zone and have the courage.  Courage is the sister of fear.

In every heroine’s journey you have to come face to face with doubt.  Feel the fear and feel the doubt and do it anyway.  Better an oops than a what if.

We need to remember who we are in so many different ways.  Who we are as women, who we were before we were mothers, remembering who are soul is.  All of it needs to be remembered so that we can embody that person every day.

The antonym of remember is dismember.  Imagine putting lost parts of you back onto your self.  It’s not that these parts were never yours, they were.  It’s that we have to remember where to put them.

Feel into what is right for you in your life and start listening to your intuition.  Do you feel expansive or contractive as you make your decisions?  As women, we have learned to doubt ourselves and our intuition.  If you need a sacred permission slip to trust your gut and your intuition, this is it.  Trust yourself.

Surrendering is also necessary in your life.  How can you surrender to your soul’s plan?